On the 25 June 2013, Council adopted its 2013/14 Annual Budget and Financial Strategy 2013 to 2023.

The Financial Strategy represents a longer term (ten year) view of Council’s finances and the 2013/14 Annual Budget represents the first year of the Financial Strategy.

It provides the prudent and sustainable financial framework within which Council can develop, consider and adopt annual budgets.

The key objective of the ten year Financial Strategy remains the achievement of financial stability and sustainability, which in turn ensures that Council has the resources available to it to provide services and maintain and develop assets into the future.

The Financial Strategy:

  • Sets down the financial objectives, goals and targets for the coming ten year period;
  • Details the outcomes sought and measures by which Council can be held accountable to the community;
  • Forecasts revenues, expenses and the capital works program;
  • Forecasts the financial position of Council; and
  • Guides the preparation of future Annual Budgets.