2016/17 Annual Budget

Manningham Council’s 2016/17 $142.19 million Annual Budget and Strategic Resource Plan and Annual Initiatives 2016/17 have been formally adopted by Council.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Paul McLeish, said that despite many pressures, challenges and cost shifting which continue to influence Council’s decision making, he felt extremely proud of what Council has been able to achieve in terms of lower rate increases while maintaining services and community infrastructure investments.

“Since taking office towards the end of 2012, this Council has actively driven ongoing reforms to achieve a downward trend in average rate increases while honouring key priorities to deliver high quality, responsive and value for money services.

“To this end, over the last four years, we have achieved an average annual rate increase of 2.73 % compared to 4.6% over the term of the previous Council, while delivering more cost effective services and significant improvements to infrastructure and community facilities. For example: 

  • the new waste service contract introduced this year will be up to 24 per cent cheaper (dependent on the combination of your bins)
  • we have more than doubled the investment into refurbishing and upgrading the road network from $3.2 million (2012/13) to $6.8 million (2016/17)
  • we have invested  $21.4 million to expand and improve Aquarena, which is reopening to the public this week, to provide better health, fitness and recreation facilities
  • we are investing almost half so far of the $19.6 million project cost to develop the Mullum Mullum Reserve Stadium to cater for a range of sports, including basketball, netball, badminton, table tennis and volleyball, to name a few.”

In 2016/17, the total rates and charges bill for the average property in Manningham is $1,931.23 or 1.17 per cent ($22.90) lower than for the equivalent bill in 2015/16. The rates and charges bill consists of two parts; the first being the average rate increase which is 2.5% as capped by the State government, and the second being the waste charge.

 2015/16 $2016/17 $Change $Change %
Average General Rate1,684.131,726.2342.102.50

Waste service charge

(80 litre garbage bin)

270.00205.00Down 65.00Down 24.07%

Total rates and waste charges bill

(80 litre garbage bin)

1,954.131,931.23Down 22.90Down 1.17%

2016 is also a revaluation year, so all properties have been revalued. The average capital improved value (CIV) for all rateable properties in Manningham has increased by 30.5 per cent over the last two years. This means that where a property’s value increased by more than 30.5 per cent, the rate increase will be higher than 2.5 per cent. Likewise, if a property’s value increased by less than 30.5 per cent, then the rate increase will be less than 2.5 per cent.

Across the City, 22,770 (48.1%) of ratepayers will see their rates increase by less than 2.5%. On the other hand, just over half of all ratepayers, 24,452 (51.8%) will see their rates increase by more than 2.5%.

Council’s 2016/17 Annual Budget, provides $91.5 million to deliver services and a further $50.69 million to the capital program.

“Through the capital program budget, we will continue to invest in the renewal and upgrade of our community assets, and the development of the City's infrastructure”.

Some highlights are:

  • $16.04 million to renew and upgrade roads, streets, drainage and footpaths
  • $7 million to commence construction of the Mullum  Mullum multi-use stadium at Mullum Mullum Reserve
  • $2.13 million to upgrade the Donvale Reserve pavilion
  • $1.19 million to expand the Colman Park pavilion
  • $1.30 million to upgrade Sheahans Road Highball facility
  • $1.92 million to replace mercury vapour street lights with energy efficient LED lights
  • $0.485 million for streetscape and street tree planting
  • $1.68 to construct the Mullum Mullum trail from Heads Road to Park Orchards and Donvale.
  • $2.73 million to refurbish and upgrade community buildings and facilities
  • $1.22 million on the Park Avenue Reserve Synthetic Soccer pitch

Cr McLeish said Council has shown a strong track record of taking a responsible and transparent approach to managing its finances, in line with community expectations, and setting a sustainable approach to delivering services and infrastructure improvements.

“While there will always be many challenges, including the impact of the State government’s legislated rate cap, Council will remain focussed on delivering  high quality responsive, value for money services which foster growth, support community health and wellbeing, and protect the environment.”