On Tuesday 25 June 2013 Council adopted the final Council Plan 2013-2017, Annual Budget 2013/2014 and the Financial Strategy 2013-2023.

The Council Plan 2013-2017 is the major strategic document developed to guide the delivery of services over the next four years and outlines the goals of Council. In addition an annual Council Plan Action Plan is developed that identifies actions that Council will undertake to achieve those goals and deliver key outcomes.

The Council Plan reflects community aspirations identified through the development of the Generation 2030 Community Plan. It links the community’s vision to key priorities and actions for Council to undertake in its four year term.

The Council Plan details our themes, also known as strategic objectives, and our goals. In addition, the strategic indicators outlined in the Plan will assist in assessing the achievement of our vision for Manningham.

The Council Plan has been developed in consideration of wider economic and social influences that impact on the services we provide and our resource allocation. In particular these impacts include the effects of a weaker global and national economy, consequent Federal and State Government revenue reductions and cost shift pressures, increasing construction costs, increasing demands in frontline service delivery and community expectations.

Council Plan Theme 1. Our Community Spirit

Our municipality is a collection of communities each with a distinct character. We support diversity and recognise how differences can strengthen community spirit. We value and recognise the need to preserve our rich history as an important part of our identity. We strive to ensure harmonious neighbourhoods where everyone feels safe and secure.

Council Plan Theme 2. Enjoy and Protect our Natural Spaces

Our unique balance of City and Country is one of our defining traits. We value Manningham’s natural environment and endeavour to maintain and protect it as a valuable community resource.

Council Plan Theme 3. Getting from Place to Place

We acknowledge the importance of an integrated and efficient transport network, with a variety of accessible, safe and affordable transport options to enable travel, in, out and around the area. The reduction on the reliance on cars is a priority for Council and we will endeavour to ensure pedestrian and bicycle routes are well integrated with connections to public transport and the City.

Council Plan Theme 4. Planning for Where We Live

We recognise the need to continue to respond to the challenges of population growth. Council endeavours to take a considered and sustainable approach to development, respecting the natural environment. Council will work collaboratively with the community to ensure effective planning is in place and local infrastructure meets the needs of future populations.

Council Plan Theme 5. Everything we need is Local

We support sustainable, cohesive and well resourced communities with relevant services and facilities. Council seeks to ensure all community members have access to vital services that meet their needs. Promotion of distinct local villages and activity centres are valued and cultivated and we aim to support businesses and traders to build a resilient local economy.

Council Plan Theme 6. Council Leadership and Organisational Performance

We strive to be an innovative and progressive Council that actively seeks partnerships and opportunities to expand its knowledge base. Council leads through transparent processes and mechanisms, effective planning, advocacy and accountability. We pursue best practice in engaging our local community in the decision making process.

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