Fire Danger Period

The 2016-17 Fire Danger Period has now ended. Check the CFA website for more information.

Fire awareness

To learn more about fire danger ratings, watch the Fire Danger Ratings video on Youtube


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Preparing your property for bushfire

Burning off

Burning off permits are invalid during the fire danger period. Check our website for information on burning off permits and conditions. Contact the Local Laws Unit on 9840 9333 for any burning off queries.

At-call Bundled Garden Waste Collections

The at-call bundled garden waste service provides you with the opportunity to dispose of garden waste that will not fit into your garden waste bin.
The bundled garden waste service is part of the hard waste service offered to residents who have a Council residential waste service.
Each household is entitled to two collections of either hard waste, bundled garden waste or a combination of each per year.

For more information or to book your at-call bundled waste collection, please visit the waste and recycling page or call 9840 9333.

Garden Waste Vouchers

The Garden waste voucher period is now over.

The vouchers are available to properties located within the bush fire prone area only.

It is important to maintain your property throughout the year. Please use your garden waste bin regularly to dispose of garden material on a fortnightly basis.

For more information on garden waste vouchers, call the Local Laws Unit on 9840 9333.