Candidates for the 2016 Council Election

Nominations for the Manningham Council elections open on Thursday 15 September. Please visit Victorian Electoral Commission - Manningham City Council Election page to find out the following:

  • Which Candidates have nominated
    Candidates who have nominated will be updated progressively on the VEC website during the nomination period from Thursday 15 September until 12 noon Tuesday 20 September.

    The list will be updated twice-daily each weekday during the nomination period. No nominations will be taken over the weekend.
  • The final list of candidates
    Following the close of nominations at 12 noon Tuesday 20 September, the VEC Returning Officer will conduct a ballot draw for each election to determine the order that candidates’ names will appear on the ballot paper.

    This final list of candidates, in ballot paper order, will be available on the VEC website late Tuesday afternoon.
  • Candidate contact information
    Contact details for candidates, where provided, will be available on the VEC website as candidates are listed during the nomination period. A list will also be posted at the end of the day at the Council’s election office at 2 Hummell Way, Doncaster.
  • Candidate questionnaires, statements and how-to-vote cards
    2016 council election candidates have the option of completing a questionnaire to allow voters to compare candidates’ experience. Answers, where provided, will be available on the VEC website from Thursday 22 September.

    Candidate statements and photographs, where provided, will be available online from Monday 26 September.

Is it compulsory to vote?

It is compulsory for all persons on the voters’ roll to vote, unless:

  • You are aged 70 or over or
  • You live outside the municipality

Failure to vote without a valid reason will result in a penalty of $50 to $150.

In order to vote at the elections you must be over the age of 18 and be enrolled on the voters’ roll by 4pm on Friday 26 August 2016.

To find out how to vote, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website.

Key Dates for 2016 Election

Friday 26 AugustClose of Voters Roll
Monday 12 September at 7.00 pmVEC Candidates Information Session
Tuesday 13 September at 7.00 pmSpecial Meeting of Council
Wednesday 14  September at 7.00 pmVEC Candidates Information Session (same as Monday)
Thursday 15 SeptemberOpening of Election Office

Thursday 15 September

Opening of Nomination of Candidates
Tuesday 20 September at 12 noonClose of Nomination of Candidates
Wednesday 21 September at 12.00 amStart of the Election Period
Wednesday 21 September at 12 noonClose of Candidates statements and photographs
Friday 23 September at 12 noonClose of Candidates Indication of Preferences

Tuesday 4 October at 7.00 pm

Start of mail out of Ballot Packs to Voters
Tuesday 4 October at 7.00 pmSpecial Meeting of Council
Friday 21 October at 6.00 pmVoting closes
Saturday 22 October at 6.00 pmEnd of the Election Period
Monday 31 October at 10.00 amDeclaration of Elected Councillors (Not confirmed) in the Council Chamber.  Alternatively, it will be on Wednesday 2 November at 10am.
Tuesday 8 November at 7.00 pmSpecial Meeting for election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor
Tuesday 15 November at 7.00 pmCouncil Meeting


Election Management

Manningham City Council’s general elections will be managed in October by the VEC. The VEC conduct all municipal elections in Victoria.

The VEC will appoint a Returning Officer to conduct the Manningham elections from an office at 2 Hummel Way, Doncaster. The Returning Officer can be contacted on 03 8619 1660.

Electoral Structure

The City of Manningham for electoral purposes is divided into three Wards, being Heide Ward, Koonung Ward and Mullum Mullum Ward. Each Ward is represented by three councillors making a Council of nine councillors.

A Ward is the electorate that a Councillor represents. It is broadly equivalent to a 'seat' in State or Federal elections.

Wards are devised on the basis of communities of similar interest or similar areas; and a statutory requirement for each Ward not to vary from other Wards in number of voters by more than plus or minus 10 per cent.

Council Wards
Council Wards

Heide Ward

  • Heide consists primarily of the suburbs of Bulleen, Templestowe and Lower Templestowe.
  • Heide Ward had 29, 310 voters for the 2012 election.

Koonung Ward

  • Koonung consists primarily of the suburbs of Doncaster and part of Doncaster East south of Doncaster Road.
  • Koonung Ward had 28,842 voters for the 2012 election.

Mullum Mullum Ward

  • The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Warrandyte, Wonga Park, Warrandyte South, Park Orchards and significant parts of Donvale, Doncaster East and Ringwood North.
  • Mullum Mullum Ward had 29,179 voters for the 2012 election.


More information on the Council election process, voting and standing for election can be found on the following websites.

Past Election Results

The results of past elections can be viewed on the Victorian Electoral Commission website.