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Wednesday 25 May 2016, 11.00 am to Saturday 02 July 2016, 5.00 pm

2016 see Manningham Art Gallery celebrate National Reconciliation Week with Kart Koodin 2, an exhibition of work from Baluk Arts.


Friday 27 May 2016, 9.30 am to Friday 24 June 2016, 10.15 am

Tai Chi Fridays will be continuing until the end of term 2. New classes will commence on Friday 27 May and continue to Friday 24 June.

Tai Chi Fridays is held outdoors, outside at MC Square...

Wednesday 22 June 2016, 7.30 pm

In this seminar, presented by Glenn Jameson, we will revisit The Middle Yarra Timelines Project, a collaborative project that began in 1995 and attempted to re-define the seasonal changes.


Thursday 23 June 2016, 9.30 am

The Walks: Middle Yarra Timelines Revisited

On the three Timelines Revisited walks we will explore what is happening in our local bushland compared to over 20 years ago when the Timelines...

Thursday 23 June 2016, 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Join in as we celebrate Refugee Week and welcome all migrants and refugees to Manningham.

We will be celebrating a ‘Forest of Welcomes...

Monday 27 June 2016, 10.30 am to Friday 08 July 2016, 4.00 pm

Make Believe Theatre presents their theatrical version of Lewis Carroll's classic tale, Alice in Wonderland.

Join Alice as she adventures through wonderland, meeting all sorts...

Tuesday 28 June 2016, 11.00 am to Wednesday 29 June 2016, 2.00 pm

These school holidays pop into the Bulleen Plaza for some free winter holiday fun. Bulleen Plaza will be transformed into a free family games and arts space on Tuesday 28 June...