Manningham’s cultural heritage reflects the historical development of the municipality and,through heritage studies, many culturally significant buildings, precincts, trees, landscapes and sites of archaeological significance have been identified and documented.

These heritage places reveal the various phases of the City’s development, from Aboriginal habitation through to early European settlement and the subsequent influence of gold mining and orcharding, as well as architectural and artistic trends.

The first heritage controls aimed at protecting places of heritage significance were introduced into the former Doncaster and Templestowe Planning Scheme in 1992 and since then heritage controls have been applied to more than 200 places, comprising some 400 individual properties within the municipality.

Explore Manningham's Cultural Heritage Assets

A series of heritage walking trials with guides are available to inspire residents and visitors to explore and experience the municipality’s rich history. These heritage walks are intended to be self guided walks with information on distance, time, degree of difficulty and accessibility.

Heritage Restoration Fund

Manningham Heritage Restoration Fund Applications 2017/2018 have now closed. 

Each year Manningham City Council allocates money towards the Heritage Restoration Fund.  Manningham Council recognises the value of assisting property owners to protect and manage significant homes, buildings, trees and gardens throughout the municipality. There are two separate grant programs available:

The Heritage Restoration Fund; and

The Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens)

Aim of the Fund

The Heritage Restoration Fund provides the owners of identified heritage properties with the opportunity to apply for a small grant to assist with the maintenance and restoration of significant buildings and other places of interest.

The Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens) is intended to assist owners of significant trees and gardens to undertake appropriate maintenance works or to obtain a suitable water supply to provide for the longevity of the identified tree(s) or garden.

Amount of funding available

Council’s operation budget will allocate a total of $35,000 towards the two funding programs in 2017/2018 financial year. Funding for conservation works will generally be granted on a dollar for dollar basis up to $1000 in value (although larger grants may be approved). Property owners are expected to contribute financially (at least 50%) to the total cost of the project they are applying for.

Properties eligible for funding assistance

Generally all owners of properties included in the Heritage Overlay of the Manningham Planning Scheme are eligible to apply for funds through the Heritage Restoration Fund.

Generally all owners of properties included in the Heritage Overlay (where tree controls apply) and the Vegetation Protection Overlay Schedule 5 (Significant Exotic, Native and Indigenous Vegetation) are eligible to apply for funding through the Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens).

Funding may be allocated to properties owned by the State Government if there are surplus heritage restoration funds available.

For more information about the Eligibility Criteria and Assessment Priorities, the Policy and Guidelines may be obtained by telephoning the City Strategy Unit on 9840 9129 or obtaining them online.

Heritage Restoration Fund Policy and Guidelines 2017/2018 pdf Icon for application/pdf Heritage Restoration Fund 2017-2018 Policy and Guidelines (407.58 KB)

Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens) Policy and Guidelines 2017/2018 pdf Icon for application/pdf Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens) Policy and Guidelines 2017-2018 (409.03 KB)

Making an Application

Complete the relevant Application Form (download using the links below)
Include a copy of quotes for the project to show the proposed value of the works. Please provide quotations for the works as follows:

  • works under $2,000 one quote is required.
  • works over $2,000 at least two quotes are required.
  • works over $4,000 3 quotes are required.

The quotes should provide as much detail as possible regarding the method, materials and extent of work that will be undertaken. Where appropriate, paint colour samples should also be provided with your application.

If possible provide a photograph of the building, structure, tree or garden in its existing condition.

Application for Assistance forms may be obtained by City Strategy on 9840 9129 or obtaining them online.

Closing date for applications is 31 July 2017.

Further information

For further information about the Heritage Restoration Fund please contact the City Strategy Unit on 9840 9121.