The general rates for 2017/2018 will be raised by a uniform rate, that is all properties pay the same rate in the dollar regardless of their use or type of property.

Individual property rates are levied by multiplying the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property by the rate in the dollar. For 2017/2018, Council has declared a rate in the dollar of $0.00177276.

The formula for calculating general rates, excluding any additional charges such as the Waste Charge or arrears is:

General Rates = Valuation x Rate in the dollar

For a property where the Capital Improved Value is $987,000 the calculations would be:

Capital Improved Value (average property) $987,000
General Rate Levy$0.00177276
Calculation$987,000 x $0.00177276 = $1,749.78

To the above Council rate levy is added to any waste service charge that you may have and the State Government Fire Services Property Levy.

Please note that 100 per cent of the Fire Services Property Levy collected is forwarded direct to the State Government. For more information on the Fire Services Property Levy, please view Fire Services Property Levy.

Icon for application/pdf The Capping of Council Rates - A complex policy explained (216.37 KB) provides more information on how your rates are calculated, including the first year of the State government’s mandated rate cap.