2015/16 Strategic Resource Plan and Annual Initiatives

The Strategic Resource Plan has been developed to ensure Council can achieve its strategic objectives for the financial year (1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016). The Plan includes:

  • 6 Major initiatives and 18 initiatives that Council will focus on delivering as priority areas
  • Adopted plans and strategies that provide the detail and context of the Initiatives
  • Resourcing requirements over the next four years as outlined in the financial statements and non financial resource statements.

The Strategic Resource Plan should be read in conjunction with the Annual Budget 2015-2016.

These priority areas are reflected in actions around emergency management, transport, our green wedge, open space, improved planning and environmental outcomes, waste, enhanced sport, recreational and community facilities and opportunities, upgrades of roads, footpaths, and drains, increased communication, economic development and improved health and wellbeing for our diverse community.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Our Community Spirit
  2. Enjoy and Protect Our Natural Spaces
  3. Getting from Place to Place
  4. Planning for Where We Live
  5. Everything We Need is Local
  6. Council Leadership and Organisational Performance