Citizen Science

iNaturalist - City Nature Challenge 

iNaturalist observations submitted are added to the global iNaturalist database and shared with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to help scientists find and use your data. All you have to do is observe. 

During a four day observation period, residents are invited to find, photograph and document the native wildlife that lives and grows in our neighbourhoods. Working together to find and document nature in our area helps scientists and land managers study and protect these species.

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Birds in Manningham

Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Birdlife Australia run an annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count. You can join in on the fun and contribute with any birds you spot in Manningham by visiting Birdlife Australia.

Waterwatch program

Waterwatch is a citizen science program for monitoring waterway health.

Waterwatch volunteers get involved in exploring and protecting their local waterways by collecting water quality data that contributes to scientific research, management planning and on ground actions that improve the health of our waterways. 

You can join this movement by taking part in programs like Waterwatch. Let us know you're interested by emailing

2020 Waterwatch Health Report
2020 Waterwatch Health Report
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Frogs in Manningham

Melbourne Water Frog Census

Get involved in local citizen science by recording frog species in Manningham with the Melbourne Water Frog Census App.

An easy to use app to record audio and identify frog species by their call in local waterways, parks, and on your own property.

More information, including activities for schools, is available at Melbourne Water.