Access, Equity and Diversity Strategy 2014-2017

Manningham is fortunate to have a highly diverse community.

Manningham Council’s commitment to promoting and celebrating this diversity, and to addressing access and social inclusion issues, is detailed in our Access, Equity and Diversity Strategy 2014-2017.

Targeting cultural diversity, religious diversity, linguistic diversity, gender equity, age, sexual identity and disability, the Strategy aims to:

  • Support Council in addressing access, equity and diversity goals in a coordinated manner
  • Improve opportunities for all local people to participate equally in local community and civic life; and to be treated with respect, equality and dignity.

It incorporates the objectives of Councils Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2013-2017, Early Years Plan 2013-2018, Youth Policy and Action Plan 2012-2017 and Multicultural Communications Strategy 2011-2014. It also incorporates the social policy areas of cultural diversity, religious diversity, volunteering, sexual identity and gender equity (Council’s Multicultural Strategy 2009-2013 and Volunteer Policy 2009-2013 have recently expired and have been replaced by this Strategy).

For more information, or to receive a hard copy of the Strategy, please call Council’s Social and Community Services Unit on 9840 9333 or email

Access, Equity and Diversity Action Plan

An Action Plan has been developed which details how the Strategy will be implemented, including when and by whom.

The Action Plan will be reviewed every 12 months to ensure that it remains relevant and targets emerging issues as well as longer term strategic issues. Suggestions on different ways in which the objectives of the Strategy could be implemented are welcome and can be emailed to

Any suggestions received will be considered in May/June each year, as part of its annual review and updating process.

Access and Equity Advisory Committee

Council’s  Access and Equity Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly. 

The Committee’s role is to advise Council on access and equity matters relating to people with a disability; people from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds; people whom identify as being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or intersex; and initiatives that support gender equity.

A copy of the Terms of Reference can be viewed below.

For more information please call  9840 9315 or email