photo of kids running on grass at Finns Reserve

Whether it’s playing with friends or family, walking to school or taking part in sports and other physical activities, being active is good for everyone!

Manningham Council is encouraging families to get active in their community. Here are a number of ways to get you active:

Manningham Active Kids Facebook Group

The Manningham Active Kids Facebook group is a private facebook group which brings our community together to create more opportunities for children to be active in their local environment and in nature. This group is for families, schools and early years organisations to share stories and ideas about ways to ensure our children are given opportunities to keep active.

Active Travel Program

Manningham City Council supports schools through Active Travel by developing an Active Travel Plan with the school to encourage primary school students, parents and teachers to leave the car at home and walk, cycle, scooter, carpool or take public transport to school.

Walk to School Month

Manningham City Council supports and encourages local primary schools to get involved and register in 'VicHealth’s Walk to School month'

Nature Play

Nature play is a term used to describe the creation of simple play opportunities in the natural environment. We want to encourage children and parents to see the natural environment as a place to enjoy, play, imagine, relax and explore.