Active Travel is an approach to travel and transport that focuses on physical activity (walking and cycling) as opposed to motorised and carbon-dependent means.

Why choose to actively travel?

Half of car journeys are less than 3km but car engines are least efficient while still warming up. Replacing short trips, such as walking to school instead of driving, can help to reduce the negative environmental impacts of using the car.

With more people out of cars and walking the streets instead, your local community will become a safer and more vibrant place to be.

Active Travel in Schools

Children who walk, cycle or scoot to and from school have higher levels of physical activity and improved cardiovascular fitness compared to children who don't.

Manningham City Council can support schools to encourage student to actively travel. Council can assist with tools and templates, resources, traffic engineering and assist schools to develop an Active Travel Plan.

Schools can also participate in Vic Health's Walk to School Month in October.

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For more information, please contact Sharon Peters, Recreation Planner, on 9840 9303 or email