Active Travel is an approach to travel and transport that focuses on physical activity (walking and cycling) as opposed to motorised and carbon-dependent means.

Why choose to actively travel?

Walking is good for our health, the environment and good for the community. Walking to the shops, park or to school instead of driving, can improve physical and cognitive health for everyone. It reduces the negative environmental impacts of using the car and also increases social connections in the community. With more people out of cars and walking the streets instead, your local community will become a safer and more vibrant place to be.

Children who walk, ride or scoot to and from school have higher levels of physical activity and improved cardiovascular fitness compared to children who don't. Walking keeps children fit and active and helps them to learn about road safety and prepares them for independence.

Active Travel in schools

Manningham Council encourages schools to participate in Walk to School Month and Ride 2 School Day each year. Participation in these initiatives will support students to build active habits when they're young, setting them up for healthy, active lives.

For more information on active travel and road safety, visit these websites:

What is an Active Travel Plan?

We encourage every school within the municipality to develop an Active Travel Plan.

An Active Travel Plan is a document that captures a range of actions to encourage students and their families to choose healthy, safe and environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from school.

An Active Travel Plan has been shown to have significant benefits for school communities, including:

  • improvement in health and fitness for students
  • decreasing traffic congestion
  • improvement in road safety awareness for students
  • encouraging families to connect with their local community and become more involved in the school, as families walk or cycle
  • leading to children gaining greater independence and improved social interaction by walking and cycling with other students
  • increasing awareness of environmental issues and the positive and practical actions the school community can take.
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