A Planning Permit is a legal document that allows and sets conditions for a certain use and/or development of a property. It may also allow for subdivision, tree removal, display of signage, etc.

All applications for Planning Permits follow a statutory process governed by state legislation.

1. Before you apply

You can find out if your proposal requires a Planning Permit and the relevant planning policies by:

You may also submit a Planning Property Enquiry to receive written advice from Council for a fee. This can provide confirmation of planning permit requirements for proposed buildings, works or uses. The request form for a Planning Property Enquiry should be emailed with accompanying documents to statutoryplanning@manningham.vic.gov.au.

You are encouraged to discuss your proposal with your neighbours to see if any issues could be resolved before you apply.

2. Pre-Application

Requesting pre-application advice allows you to receive specific feedback and resolve potential issues at an early stage. The request form, full copy of title and concept plans should be emailed to statutoryplanning@manningham.vic.gov.au and a fee is payable.

Major development proposals may also need to be presented to Council’s Sustainable Design Taskforce meeting.

3. Submitting an Application

You should submit the application online using the form below.

However, if your application qualifies for VicSmart, you should submit the application on the VicSmart page.

Generally the following information is required:

  • A full copy of title searched within the last three months, including any covenants, restrictions and agreements;
  • A feature survey plan with details of existing site conditions;
  • The proposed development including a site plan, floor plans and elevations;
  • A cover letter and reports detailing the proposal and responding to the Manningham Planning Scheme.

Upload, apply and pay online

Payment can be made online by credit or debit card

Upload to apply and pay later

Payment can be made by credit card , BPAY or Post Billpay once you receive an invoice. 

4. Preliminary Assessment

You will receive an acknowledgement letter from Council confirming that your application has been received.

The status and details of the application are available on the Planning Register.

Council may request further information to be provided and raise preliminary concerns with the proposal. The application may also need to be referred to other authorities for comment.

Should you wish to amend your application at this stage, a request to amend the application prior to notice (Section 50) is required.

5. Public Notice (Advertising)

Notice of the application is generally required to be given to the owners and occupiers of nearby properties.

If required, Council will give notice (posting letters and erecting signs) on your behalf for a fee.

Relevant documentation associated with the application is available for public inspection at:

Written submissions (in support or objecting to the application) should be submitted on the Planning Register. You are required to provide your full name and contact details.

Please note that all submissions are placed on a public file and are not confidential.

6. Decision

Should you wish to amend your application after the notice period, a request to amend the application post public notice (Section 57A) is required.

Council may issue one of the following decisions:

  • Planning Permit;
  • Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit, if Council supports the application but there were objections;
  • Refusal.

A Planning Permit includes conditions that must be met, including that the development must be in accordance with the endorsed plans.

7. Review by VCAT

Both the applicant or objector can apply to VCAT to review Council's decision.

All review requests must be submitted directly to VCAT within the specified timeframes.

8. Amending or Extending a Permit

Section 72 Amendment to the Planning Permit / Plans

An amendment to a Planning Permit may involve changing what the permit allows, amending the permit conditions or the endorsed plans.

The process is very similar to the process for a new application and should be submitted online using the form below.

Upload, apply for a S72 amendment and pay online

Payment can be made online by credit or debit card

Upload to apply for a S72 amendment and pay later

Payment can be made by credit card , BPAY or Post Billpay once you receive an invoice.

Secondary Consent Amendment

Minor changes to the endorsed plans can be approved under 'secondary consent', without following the full amendment process.

A secondary consent amendment request form and amended plans with changes highlighted are required. They should be emailed to planningapplications@manningham.vic.gov.au and a fee is payable.

Extension of Time for Planning Permits

Planning Permits require the use or development of the property to commence and complete within a specified timeframe.

A request form to extend the expiry date of the Planning Permit is required to apply for an extension. It should be emailed to planningapplications@manningham.vic.gov.au and a fee is payable.

9. Completing a Development

If required by a condition of the Permit, a post-construction inspection can be requested by submitting the following form to planningapplications@manningham.vic.gov.au. A landscape bond will only be refunded following a successful post-construction inspection.

Landscape Bonds

Any queries relating to landscape bonds should be emailed to planninglandscapebonds@manningham.vic.gov.au.

Landscape bonds can only be paid in person with the landscape bond payment form at the Council Offices between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Bonds will only be refunded to the person registered at payment. A landscape bond refund recipient transferral form is required should you wish to make any changes.