Ratepayers who are experiencing difficulty in paying their rates and charges should call Council's Revenue Office on 9840 9333 as soon as possible to discuss an alternative payment arrangement.

Deferred Payment

Under the Financial Hardship provisions, it is possible for a ratepayer to apply to defer the payment of rates, subject to certain conditions. The individual rate payer can arrange to pay their rates over a period of time; however, interest still applies to any part of the amount owing after the due date.

The Council may defer all or part of a payment, subject to any conditions it chooses if it considers that the payment would cause hardship. An application for relief would need to be made on a Financial Hardship Application form available from Council.

The result of the Council applying the deferral provisions is generally an 'arrangement to pay' - an agreed timeframe or schedule for payments, normally within the current financial year. You can apply, by completing the  Icon for application/pdf Rate Payment Arrangement form (29.23 KB).

Special Arrangement by Direct Debit

Should you find it necessary to enter into a payment arrangement you can pay by direct debit. A form should be completed and forwarded to Council.The agreed payment amount for your rates will be automatically debited from your bank account. The form can be downloaded or call Council to request a copy to be sent to you.


Any arrears shown on the front of the Valuation and Rates Notice are payable immediately and may be the subject of legal action without further notice. Penalty interest will be charged on any overdue rate or charge at 10 per cent per annum from the respective due date until the date of payment. The penalty interest rate is set by the State Government.