You must meet these legal requirements before a Food Act Registration can be transferred to a new owner:

  1. obtain consent from the current proprietor to enable the disclosure of information relevant to the food business
  2. request a Transfer Inspection to be carried out by Council to identify any structural works required and compliance with the Food Standards Code 3.2.3.
  3. pay the required Transfer Inspection Report fee
  4. complete and submit a copy of your Food Safety Program (class 1 and 2 premises only)
  5. nominate a qualified Food Safety Supervisor (class 1 and 2 premises only)
  6. sign and return the registration form with appropriate Transfer of Registration fee (this will be provided to you by Council)

Transfer Inspection Consent Form and Fee

Please download and complete the Icon for application/pdf Transfer Inspection Consent Form - Food Business (445.13 KB) and return to the Health and Local Laws Unit, PO Box 1, Doncaster 3108 with the following Transfer Inspection Fee:

Standard Food Businesses$250
Food Businesses > 20 full time employees$300
Community Group$155

Council must inspect the business before any Transfer of Registration. An inspection report will normally be completed within five working days. If you require an inspection report within three days an additional 50 percent fee will apply.

Transfer of Registration Application and Fees

Transfer of Registration application form will be provided to you after the required inspection has taken place.

A Transfer of Registration fee must be paid by the new proprietor to affect the transfer of registration to a new proprietor. This fee will depend on the class and nature of the food business proposed and will continue registration for the remainder of the year.

For more information call the Environmental Health Team on 9840 9333.

Food Safety Programs and Food Safety Supervisors (Class 1 and 2 premises only)

Class 1 and 2 food businesses must have a Food Safety Program and nominate a Food Safety Supervisor.