There are limits to how many pets and/or livestock you are able to keep on your property.

Your property also needs to be a certain size before you are allowed to keep livestock. 

If you would like to keep more animals than outlined below, you will need a permit, please complete the Icon for application/pdf Keeping of Additional Animals Form 2020-2021 (319.51 KB)

Animal numbers

Pet or livestockNumber allowed without a permit
Cat2 cats
Dog2 dogs
Domestic birds13 birds
Mice8 mice
Rabbits4 rabbits
Guinea pigs8 guinea pigs
Poultry or pigeons

4 chickens, ducks, geese or pigeons

Your poultry must be kept in a poultry house and pigeons need to be kept in a pigeon loft.

Contact us on 9840 9333 or online for details regarding construction and specifications of poultry houses and pigeon lofts.

Small animals (livestock)A permit is required to keep any sheep or goat in an area less than one acre (4000 sqm)

Large animals

A permit is required to keep any emu, ostrich, goat, sheep, cow, pig, bull, or horse in an area less than two acres (8000 sqm)
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