Maintaining the value of Manningham’s natural bushland areas and the productivity of rural land is a high priority, supported by the Local Environmental Assistance Fund (LEAF) grants. These grants provide landholders with both financial and educational support.

Land Management Grants

LEAF applications are sent to 1,300 eligible property owners in Manningham’s Green Wedge or to properties with an environmental significance overlay. LEAF applications are designed to assist in the areas of education, land stewardship, pest and animal control, and ecological improvements.

  • Education: LEAF applicants receive a site visit allowing the landowner to learn about their property’s assets and how to manage threats. Education about bushland management techniques and ways to manage pastures for soil conservation are among the many things taught. All horticultural, ecological and associated enquiries are responded to.
  • Land stewardship: LEAF aims to promote active land stewardship. Knowledge sharing via the Land Management and Environmental Officers promotes confidence and ability in the landowner to better manage their properties and use their initiative.
  • Pest plant and animal control: Weed and rabbit presence pose significant threats to the productivity of properties and to the integrity and conservation of bushland ecology. LEAF grants provide financial assistance and education to control these pests.
  • Ecological improvements: The RELEAF grant is a more generous grant for properties with high ecological values. Receiving this grant requires a commitment to a three year land management plan. For example, a couple in Warrandyte have participated in this grant for four years and maintain exceptional biodiversity on their bushland property.