If you operate a food van, food stall, food vending machine or a water transport vehicle you need to register with your principal Council.

Once registered, you need to lodge a Statement of Trade with each Council at least five days prior to an event, outlining where and when you intend to operate. No fees apply.

Your principal council is:

  • where your business prepares or stores food to be sold from a van, stall, or vending machine; or
  • the district in which you usually store the equipment for a stall, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle; or
  • if none of the above apply - the district where your business address is located; or
  • if none of the above are in Victoria - the district where your mobile or temporary food business will first operate in Victoria.

Business classifications

To determine what class of food business you’re operating refer to the Food Premises Classification System. To avoid delays in your application you can confirm your classification with our Environmental Health Officer.

You can access the fees and charges related to your business here Icon for application/pdf Fees and charges (295.88 KB)

  • Temporary Food Premises are temporary stalls or tents from which food is sold, such as at a market or festival
  • Mobile Food Premises are vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold

Food safety programs/food safety supervisors

Class 2 food businesses must have a Food Safety Program and nominate a Food Safety Supervisor.  Please refer to the Food Safety section for more details.


Streatrader is an online database for temporary and mobile food operators, which allows you to register electronically with your principal Council.

You must also lodge a Statement of Trade with each Council in which you intend to operate. Below are some useful links:

Registration process

Once you have set up an account on Streatrader, we will send you an invoice including your payment options.

Once approved, your temporary/mobile food premises certificate will be emailed to you by Streatrader.

Vending machines

If you operate a business that provides 'Food Vending Machine' services you must also register on Streatrader.

A Statement of Trade must then be lodged with each Council in which a vending machine is located.

Water transport vehicles

A water transport vehicle involves the sale and delivery of water to the public which is intended for:

  • human consumption, or
  • purposes connected with human consumption (such as preparation of food, making ice for consumption, or preserving unpackaged food).

If you operate a water transport vehicle you must register on Streatrader.

A Statement of Trade must then be lodged with each Council in which you intend to operate.

For more information please refer to Food safety regulations - water carters or call the Health and Local Laws Team on 9840 9333.

Temporary and mobile food business resources

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