The Arts and Culture Grant is a category of the Community Grant Program and enables not-for-profit groups and organisations to deliver arts and cultural activities that reflect the diversity of the Manningham community. 


Arts and Culture Grants aim to:

  • Utilise arts as a means to enhance the inclusion and participation of all members of the community including diverse or hard-to-reach individuals and groups
  • Enable the delivery of community-led, arts and cultural activities across the municipality
  • Contribute to the vibrancy and liveability of Manningham
  • Celebrate local culture, its diversity, history and identity and promote cross cultural practices
  • Encourage partnerships between Council, groups, organisations and businesses for the delivery of improved outcomes
  • Foster community spirit and sense of belonging through cultural and social inclusion
  • Encourage innovation and best practice. 


There is one Arts and Culture Grant funding round per year - available annually in February.

Funding Allocation

Funding between $3,001 and $20,000 is available. Allocations are for one financial year and are not recurrent. The notional allocation is $110,000 per annum.

How to Apply

For applicants wishing to apply for the Arts and Culture Grant category, please refer to the assessment criteria on page 15 of the Icon for application/pdf Community Grant Guidelines 2019 (841.95 KB)

Prior to submitting an application for the Arts and Culture Grants, applicants must contact a Council Officer on 9840 9305 to discuss your proposal.

For more information on how to apply, visit applying for community grants.