If you are doing any work that requires a Building Permit, including demolition before you start work you must obtain an Asset Protection Permit. This is to ensure our community infrastructure assets are protected from any damage.

Why is an asset protection permit required?

The permit helps us to maintain public safety by monitoring potential damage to Council owned property and community infrastructure and fixing any damaged public assets such as:

  • footpaths
  • vehicle crossings (driveways)
  • road pavement, kerb and channels
  • poles and signs
  • street vegetation and trees, nature strip and reserves
  • storm water pits.

The asset protection permit reviews:

  • trip hazards
  • environmental hazards, such as mud on footpaths and roads
  • dangerous placement of equipment and materials on Council land.

Without an asset protection permit, you may breach Council's Local Law and receive an infringement notice or penalty as determined by the Magistrate's Court.

How to organise a permit?

Download and complete the Icon for application/pdf Asset Protection Application (350.86 KB)

Once you have completed the application form, you can return it by email or post it to:

PO Box 1, Doncaster
Victoria 3108

Alternatively you can deliver it in person to:

699 Doncaster Road
Victoria 3108


A permit fee of $380.00 and security bond is payable prior to issuing the permit if the development has an identified value of work less than or equal to $1M.

A permit fee of $580.00 and security bond is payable prior to issuing the permit if the development has an identified value of work greater than $1M.

A security bond is required and the bond amount is determined following a site inspection. The bond usually ranges between $750 and $10,000 depending on the extent of works and potential risk of damage that may be caused to Council assets. The Asset Protection Permit will be issued following payment of the fee and bond invoices.

The security bond is refunded after building is completed, provided there is no damage or any damage is fixed.

The security bond can be used to fix a breach of permit conditions or to repair any damage caused by the works. The applicant is responsible to fix damage to Council assets caused by other authorities prior to a security bond refund. If the costs of the damages caused exceed the bond amount, additional charges may apply via a separate invoice.

Other permits

An Asset Protection Permit does not allow permission to access or occupy Council land including footpaths, nature strips, parks or reserves.

Hoarding Permit

Requests to occupy Council land (Hoarding) can be made by completing a Icon for application/pdf Hoarding or Overhead Protective Awning Permit Application (505.07 KB)

Access Across Reserves Permit

If the work involves access through a park or reserve you will require a separate Icon for application/pdf Access Across Reserves Permit (49.07 KB).

Vehicle Crossing Permit

If the work involves the construction or widening of a vehicle crossing (driveway), you will need a separate Vehicle Crossing Permit Application. For more information on vehicle crossings, visit Roads and Footpaths.

For more information, visit the Manningham Civic Centre at 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, or call 9840 9333.