Assisted shopping for older adults (community access)

Community Access provides accompanied shopping assistance with one of our trained staff. Our staff will go with you to approved destinations in the community, such as local shopping centres. Our staff may also assist with tasks you might find challenging such as reading labels and carrying bags.

Assisted shopping cost

Clients contribute to the cost of government subsidised services. We’ll talk to you about any costs before providing services. To learn more, our aged and disability support services fee guidelines can give you further info.

Aged and disability support services fee guidelines
Aged and disability support services fee guidelines
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How to access services

People aged over 65 years (over 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)

Before using our services, you’ll need to register for an assessment with My Aged Care or calling 1800 200 422.

After an assessment, we’ll be able to provide the services. The federal government may provide subsidies via the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).