If a dog in a neighboring property is too noisy and unreasonably disturbs you, it is suggested that you first make contact with the dog owner to alert them that their dog is causing a nuisance. The dog owner may not be aware of the problem if the dog is only barking when they are not home. You may be to assist them identify why the dog is barking.

If you do lodge a report with Council, a Council Officer will contact the dog owner and provide information to reduce the barking. The Council Officer will also make observations to determine the extent of the barking. You may be asked to maintain a diary for a few weeks that records the frequency of the dog barking. Other neighbours may be contacted to see if the barking is causing an unreasonable disturbance for them.

If the barking persists and is deemed to be unreasonable, Council may proceed with legal action to abate the dog barking.

To report a barking dog issue use our online service request form or call the Health and Local Laws Unit on 9840 9333.