When are my bins collected?

To find out your bin day, enter your address below:

Find out your bin day

Alternatively, download the Icon for application/pdf Waste Collection Calendar 2021/22 (375.27 KB)

Do you live in a high fire risk area?

If your bin collection day is on a Friday, then you live in a designated high-fire risk area. We postpone waste collection in these areas on code red days - this is not the same as total fire ban day. If this occurs, leave your bins out until they are collected.

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How to place bins out for collection

Place your bins out the night before your collection day and return them to your property by the end of your collection day.

Present your bins:

Illustration to show bins 50cm distance apartAt least half a metre (50cm) apart

Illustration of bin placed away from carWith a minimum of 1 metre clearance from parked cars or any other obstructions

Illustration of bins placed away from pole

With a minimum of 1 metre clearance from trees, light poles or any other obstructions. 


How to present bins in a hammerhead, court bowl or dead end street

Picture of bin placement in Hammerhead and Court bowlHammerhead or Court bowls (cul-de-sac)

If you live in court bowl or a hammerhead court, place your bins on the straight section of the street for collection. Keep the bowl of court free of parked cars.

Dead End Streets and CourtsDead end streets

If you live in a dead end street, place your bins on one side to assist with collection. Keep the end of the dead end street free of parked cars.

Please contact us if you’re not sure where to place your bins. 

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How to report a missed bin collection

Report a missed bin collection if your bin was not emptied or only half emptied.

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Request an assisted bin collection 

We offer a collection service for residents who, due to frailty, disability, medical or mobility conditions, are unable to place their bins out for the weekly waste collection.

Request an assisted bin collection

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