Browning Reserve

Browning Drive, Templestowe
Melway reference:  34 B8

Browning Reserve is a large (6,029m²), well located reserve for residents south of Serpells Road and the families of Serpell and St. Charles Borromeo Primary Schools.  It provides a pedestrian link through to Glen Orchard Close and there is a bus stop outside the Reserve on Browning Drive. Upgraded in 2008, the reserve is well maintained with attractive landscaping, good visibility and a playspace.  There are three other playspaces within a 400 metre radius. Paths are in reasonable condition and are a mixture of asphalt and granitic sand.  Additional low landscaping to the Glen Orchard Close pedestrian link would also improve its appearance, but in general this is a pleasant and functional reserve and a low priority for upgrade.

Browning Reserve Playground

Children will love exploring and playing at Browning Reserve. The 'bird hide' cubby has a slide and cargo net and views over the swings, rocker and see-saw. There is plenty of seating shaded from the large Eucalypt trees. 

Suitable age group: 1 to 6 years

Browning Drive
Templestowe VIC 3106


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