2017/18 Annual Budget

Residents and ratepayers have told us that Council’s long term financial sustainability is important to them.

It is with this in mind that the new Council, elected in November 2016, and the Manningham City Council Executive Management Team worked together to deliver a realistic budget that meets community expectations while being mindful of an increasingly challenging financial environment.

The financial environment that Council now operates in is very different to two years ago. In 2016/17, the Victorian Government introduced a rate cap whereby the average increase in council rates cannot exceed the figure set by the State Government, usually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Having considered thousands of community submissions in preparing Council’s priorities and budget, we are confident we have captured what is most important to the Manningham community. Council’s vision is for a liveable and harmonious City, and Council has given a commitment to remain focussed on being a financially sustainable Council that listens, consults and acts with integrity, value and transparency in all that it does.

The 2017/18 Annual Budget of $156 million includes $42 million for the Capital Works program and $114 million for service provision.

Rate revenue is Council’s largest source of funding which is used to maintain and upgrade local roads, streetlights, buildings, drains, bridges, footpaths, cycle trails, parks, playgrounds, libraries and sporting facilities. This revenue also provides services including waste management, public health as well as planning and building. It also funds the support of our children, youth, families, aged and vulnerable members of our community through maternal child heath, disability and aged care services.

For 2017/18, the combined Council rates and waste charges for an average property in Manningham with a standard waste service is projected to increase by 2.16 per cent or $41.51, representing a total rates and charges bill of $1,962 for the average property in Manningham. This is based on a 2 per cent increase in the general rate and a 3.5 per cent increase for the waste charge.

Key highlights of the Budget include:

A $114 million operating budget that provides funding to deliver services to the community, including:

  • $13.04 million for the maintenance of sportsgrounds, parks and gardens
  • $12.00 million for the maintenance of roads streets and bridges
  • $10.84 million for waste and recycling
  • $10.51 million for Aged and Disability Support Services
  • $7.79 million for Community Services (Maternal and Child Health, Immunisation, Preschools, Community Development Grants and Community Planning Services)
  • $5.56 million for maintaining and operating Community Buildings
  • $4.08 million for Capital Works Management and Infrastructure Planning
  • $4.06 million for Libraries
  • $3.91 million for Statutory Planning services
  • $3.89 million for maintaining drains
  • $3.47 million for Strategic Land Use, Open Space and Recreation Planning
  • $2.80 million for Health, Local Laws and animal management
  • $2.31 million for maintaining footpaths
  • $1.51 million for street cleaning and litter pick up
  • $0.96 million for Economic Development and Tourism

A $42 million Capital Works Program, including:

  • $15.53 million for community buildings (including $11.08 million to complete Mullum Stadium
  • $10.12 million for roads (including $2.54 million to upgrade King Street and $5.07 million for the ongoing renewal of road assets)
  • $3.96 million for parks and open space
  • $2.73 million for plant and equipment
  • $4.69 million to renew Council’s core IT and telecommunications infrastructure
  • $2.78 million for drainage improvements

One of Council’s main roles is to act as responsible custodians for future and current generations. Having developed this annual budget - alongside the 2017 – 2021 strategic plan, also known as the Council Plan - following extensive community consultation through our 1000’s of Voices campaign, we are pleased to present the 2017/18 annual Budget and we look forward continuing to work with the Manningham community to plan and deliver valued services now and into the future.