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Am I able to book a bundled branches collection? 

If you have a residential bin collection service with us, you can choose to have up to two bundled branches or hard rubbish collections (or a combination of each) per calendar year. You can book:

  • A standard collection
    2m3 which is a pile of 2m x 1m x 1m
  • Or use both collections at once
    4m3 which is a pile of 4m x 1m x 1m

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How to prepare items for collection

1. Check what items can and cannot be placed out for collection
2. Make a booking before you place your bundled branches on nature strip
3. Place your bundled branches on the nature strip on the Sunday prior to the week of collection.

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What items can and cannot be collected:

The bundled branches collections are dedicated for branches that cannot fit into your garden bin.

Yes we accept:

picture of tree branches and prunings bundled on verge with tickPruning materials and tree branches that are less than 75mm in diameter and 1.5m in length (must be securely tied with cotton string or twine in bundles, up to 300mm diameter) 

picture of bundled tree logs on grass with tickSingle tree limbs/logs that are between 75mm and 200mm in diameter and 1.5m in length (must be free of branches and leaves and neatly stacked)

picture of logs piled on sand with crossTree roots that can be lifted by one person

No we don't accept:

No untied branches

No untied bundled branches or branches exceeding 1.5 metres in length or 75mm in diameter

no large tree rootsNo tree roots that cannot be lifted by one person

no large logs stumpsNo large logs, stumps or timber

No soil earthNo soil, earth, bricks, rubble, building materials or fencing

no leaves weeds grassNo leaves, grass, weeds, ivy, rose bushes, thorny plants, bamboo and palm trees or branches

No bundled ties wire plastic stringNo bundles tied with wire, plastic string or ties, stocking or other non-organic material

photo of garden waste in plastic bagsNo garden waste in plastic bags, polystyrene boxes or wheelie bins

Photo of various food waste with crossNo food waste

Can’t find your item?

Find out how to dispose of your unwanted items

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How to book a collection

You can book online or contact us by phone 9840 9333
Bookings made before 5.00pm each Wednesday are collected the following week (except during the Christmas and New Year period).

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How to cancel a booked collection

To cancel your bundled branches booking, contact us before 5.00pm on Friday prior to the week of collection.

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