Burning off in the open air in Manningham is prohibited unless you have a valid Permit.

If you own, reside in, or manage a property greater in size than 2500 square metres, you may be eligible for a Permit to Burn. Permits exist to help residents safely prepare their properties prior to the Fire Danger Period and to regulate these activities to ensure they do not impact on the safety of the public, create a nuisance or unduly affect the amenity of the area.

To be eligible for a Permit to Burn, you must understand the Fire Danger Ratings. Ratings are forecast using Bureau of Meteorology data for up to four days in advance, based on weather and other environmental conditions such as fuel load.

Before you apply for a permit you need to be aware that:

  • you cannot burn during the Fire Danger Period. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) have advised that the Fire Danger Period has now ended for the 2019/20 summer season
  • outside of the Fire Danger Period, you cannot burn off when the Fire Danger Rating is Very High or above. The permit holder needs to check the Fire Danger Rating for the day they intend to burn
  • you must register any burning off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) on 1800 668 511 prior to commencement
  • further conditions apply to all Permits and will be provided on approval of your Permit. You must read and be aware of any conditions prior to open air burning.

Types of burning off permit

Occupied Land

If you own or reside in a property East of the Mullum Mullum Creek you are eligible for a three year Permit to Burn, expiring on 30 November 2020.

  • You cannot burn on Sundays during June, July and August.

If you own or reside in a property West of the Mullum Mullum Creek you are eligible for a three year Permit to Burn, expiring on 30 November 2020.

  • You cannot burn on any Sunday.
  • You are only permitted to burn during the months of May, September and November.

Vacant Land

You may be entitled to a Permit to Burn for specific dates during the year. This Permit will expire 30 November 2019 or when the declared Fire Danger Period starts.

  • We will inspect your property to make sure the burn can be undertaken safely
  • You will need to have your burn piles in a cleared location ready for inspection
  • You will need to have a sufficient water supply

How to apply for a Permit to Burn

Apply Online

Occupied Land - Apply Online Now
Vacant Land - Apply Online Now

Apply by email or regular mail

Download an Icon for application/pdf Application to Burn in the Open (112.34 KB) and email to: manningham@manningham.vic.gov.au or send via post to PO Box 1, DONCASTER VIC 3108

Apply in person

Apply in person at the Customer Service Desk, Civic Centre, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster.


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