Bus Rapid Transit and Public Transport

We want transport and road upgrades to improve safety, local access, pedestrian and cycling connectivity. The Victorian Government must cater for future growth now and deliver bus infrastructure improvements for Manningham.

We welcome the Doncaster Busway as part of the NEL. We are advocating that the Doncaster Busway (including the Bulleen Park and Ride) be designed to operate and function as part of a network-wide Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, beyond the defines of the Busway corridor that is currently contained along the Eastern Freeway between Hoddle Street and Doncaster Road.

There has been a significant growth in demand for bus and public transport services between Manningham and the CBD, with demand expected to continue to rise. DART buses travelling along Doncaster Road, Eastern Freeway, Hoddle Street, Victoria Parade and Lonsdale Street corridors are overcrowded and unreliable and are compromised by increased traffic congestion on the local road and freeway network.

We want the Doncaster Busway to be designed so it can transition to heavy rail, for the delivery of the Doncaster Rail in the future.

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