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Your Bushfire Safety Plan and COVID-19

Leaving early during Covid-19 will be a little different this summer. During coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, you can leave your home during an emergency or if your home is unsafe.

Check the CFA website and factsheet 'Your Bushfire Safety Plan and COVID' for more information relating to traveling in an emergency during coronavirus restrictions. 

Prepare your property

Here are a few simple things you can do to get prepare for fire. 

  1. Check with planning to find out what vegetation you can and can’t remove.
  2. Book in a bundled branch collection or apply for a permit to burn to clear out your garden waste.
  3. Identify whether the landscaping or architectural features of your house increase its risk of ignition. Read the Wye River case study researched by the CSIRO, which highlights vulnerabilities that can lead to the loss of a house during a fire.

Neighbourhood safer places (NSPs)

Neighbourhood Safer Places are designated areas that are a place of last resort for residents in a bushfire emergency. They have been specifically chosen in line with CFA requirements. NSPs may provide some protection from direct flame and radiant heat during a bushfire but they do not guarantee safety.

In the event of a bushfire, the safest option is to follow your Emergency Plan and leave early.

Our Neighbourhood Safer Places are:

Open Space:

  • Domeney Reserve Pavilion Verandah, 24-52 Knees Road, Park Orchards 
  • Dudley Reserve, Dudley Road, Wonga Park
  • Warrandyte Reserve at the Skate Park and Basketball Courts, Taroona Avenue, Warrandyte

NSPs are specific designated areas at each of these locations. Find your closest one on the Icon for application/pdf Neighbourhood Safer Places Map (2.24 MB)

Emergency Aware 

Emergency Aware takes direct statements shared from our community and provides additional information and advice to prepare for an emergency event. Statements shared from the community are not endorsed actions to take in an emergency but may serve to help you evaluate your current plan. Find out more

Manningham Emergency Aware Community Forum 2020

Captain Aaron Farr of the CFA, Wonga Park Brigade, joined us for the 2020 Manningham Emergency Aware Community Forum to speak about bushfire preparedness.

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