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Discover some of the finest art this state has to offer, all within Manningham. The joy of creation, the play of colour and design, the appeal to your senses, all come together in the vibrant art and culture of Manningham.

With a proud history in visual arts, Manningham is home to renowned painters, ceramicists and mid-twentieth century artists. Explore the Stonehouse Gallery, and the Artspeak Studio in Warrandyte, specialising in original, indigenous art from local artists. Or get out and about amongst our collection of public art located around the city.

Experience the culturally significant Heide Museum of Modern Art. Established back in 1934, the history of the Heide MoMA shines through. Artists, writers and intellectuals alike, have all called Heide home.

Encounter an eclectic program of contemporary art exhibitions at the Manningham Art Gallery, offering curated exhibitions from local and international artists.

Enjoy classes in creativity, painting, drawing and more, at the Manningham Art Studios and find your own creative side.

Experience the captivating and artistic side of Manningham.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a great place to start your artistic encounter in Manningham and is one of Australia’s most important cultural institutions.

Inside Heide, you are spoiled with travelling exhibitions and the gardens are dotted with sculptures and art as well as a working kitchen garden.

Stonehouse Gallery

Leaving suburbia behind you, your next stop is the Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte - on Yarra Street opposite Whipstick Gully Road.

One of the longest established art and craft co-operatives in Australia, Stonehouse was founded in 1972 by 8 like-minded potters wanting to promote ceramics. Today it continues with 18 diverse members and invited artists showcasing and selling beautiful ceramics, textiles, woodwork, glass, jewellery and furniture.

Warrandyte Historical Society

Next door to the Stonehouse Gallery is the Warrandyte Historical Society, home to some of the early white settlement memorabilia. Pop in on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Federation Playspace

Further along Yarra Street are the Federation Playspace and the ruins of some early buildings that were damaged in previous floods.

Finish your dive into the artistic diversity of Manningham by heading west to Doncaster where you'll discover the eclectic program of contemporary art exhibitions at the Manningham Art Gallery.

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