State Government approves Amendment C86 Eastern Golf Course site

Manningham Council has welcomed the announcement that the State Government has approved Amendment C86 to the Manningham Planning Scheme.

Council is delighted with the decision by the Government to support Council’s key proposal to encourage a minimum area of 20 per cent of the site to be set aside for public open space to ensure the retention of significant vegetation, cultural values and the protection of faunal corridors.

The Amendment provides the guiding parameters for the development of the 47 hectare Eastern Golf Course site over coming years. The Amendment was adopted by Council on 28 June 2011. The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C86 on 25 January 2012.

Amendment C86 Overview

In September 2010, Manningham Council exhibited a planning scheme amendment affecting the Eastern Golf Course. Amendment C86 seeks to help guide the future development of the site and protect its existing characteristics and features.

Following the exhibition period an independent Panel Hearing reviewed the proposal and submissions received, as well as four expert witness statements, in April 2011. For more information, view the Icon for application/pdf C86 Panel Report (512.3 KB)

Key aspects of the amendment include:

  • Introduction of the local Eastern Golf Course Policy that outlines the vision, objectives and issues to be addressed when considering future redevelopment of the site (Clause 22.17)
  • Public open space contribution to Council of 20 per cent as part of any subdivision of land (Schedule to Clause 52.01)
  • Eastern Golf Course site is specified as a key redevelopment site in the Municipal Strategic Statement (Clause 21.05-7)

The local policy and required public open space contribution are based on development principles that were adopted by Council in June 2009 following consultation with the community.

For more information, view:

Proposed Planning Scheme Provisions:

Background information

Council held a Ward Meeting on Wednesday 7 October 2009 with local residents to provide an opportunity to discuss local issues including the Eastern Golf Club site.

More information is available below:

The Eastern Golf Course - Consideration of Planning Options report went to the October Council meeting on 26 October.

On 30 November 2010, Council considered the 12 submissions received and endorsed Amendment C86, subject to changes identified in the Council Officers' recommended responses to submissions, and requested that the Minister for Planning appoint an Independent Panel under Part 8 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, to consider all submissions.

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