Civic Award winners with their awards

Our Civic Awards showcase the work of our community who make a difference and contribute to our community. 

The 2018 Manningham Civic Award winners are:


Citizen of the Year

Young Citizen of the Year

Sport Achievement Highly Commended Award

Sport Achievement Award

Volunteer of the Year - Judges Commendation Award 

Community Achievement Highly Commended

Community Achievement Award

Geoff Roberts

Jade Chan

Alf Molinaro

Fiona Huber

Kristie Chapman

Kids Hope Mentors

Women’s Friendship Group


Citizen of the Year: Geoff Roberts

Geoff is a truly committed citizen through his various roles throughout the city. His involvement in the Bendigo Community Bank, Manningham Business Excellence Awards, The Rotary Club of Manningham and the Manningham Business Network is exceptional.

Geoff is a leader who has driven change through enthusiasm and a clear desire to improve the lives of others. He has established significant relationships with many sporting and support organisations and continues to provide assistance and nurturing to many organisations throughout the city.

Young Citizen of the Year: Jade L Chan

Jade has put in a lot of time volunteering for her local and global community, outside of her extensive university studies, paid work and personal commitments. 

A quiet achiever, at only 21 years of age, Jade has already volunteered in various capacities and raised tens of thousands of dollars in funds and goods to help those in need in her own community and across the world, such as Canteen, a teen cancer charity; volunteer coach for calisthenics, peer support leader, school environmental ambassador, Vice-President and then President of the Melbourne City Rotary Club and secretary of the Outlook Rural Health Club.

Sport Achievement Highly Commended Award: Alf Molinaro

Alf has been involved with the Doncaster East Football Club for over 20 years (Club President for 10 years and Secretary for 3 years). 

Alf is looked upon as a father figure by many young men in the club and has taken it upon himself to help and guide them over the years. He is a man that influences and guides so many people in so many ways. Alf is a legend and the ultimate volunteer.

Sport Achievement Award: Fiona Huber

Fiona has an exceptional sporting background starting at a very young age. Her involvement with local cricket is outstanding. Fiona remains the only female to play in the men’s competition at Templestowe Cricket Club. She also coaches and umpires cricket, coaches junior basketball and is part of the coaching group for the Templestowe Football Club’s Auskick program.

Volunteer of the Year – Judges Commendation Award: Kristie Chapman

Kristie is a super reliable and responsible volunteer staff member at YMCA Aquarena, dedicated, involved and open to learning new things in her quest to do her very best. Kristie has shown a consistent display of YMCA's values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring in her interactions with the children under her care as well as parents and staff members

Volunteer of the Year: Teresa Clarke

Teresa has been facilitating a drop-in centre for stay-at-home people for 40 years - without fanfare or glory. The women who attend really appreciate the fun, care and effort that Teresa brings to the group. Teresa has a can-do attitude with a sense of humor. This is an essential component of bringing much needed laughter and light heartedness to the lives of those who attend, who may be overwhelmed with health concerns and daily living.

Community Achievement Highly Commended: Kids Hope Mentors

The Kids Hope Mentors are a team of volunteers who mentor kids that are at risk or in need at Doncaster Primary School. They build long term relationships with the children to enrich their lives. The mentors stay with the one child that they have been matched with until the child graduates from primary school. These mentors are the most caring, humble people. They help build a child’s self-esteem, confidence and make the children feel worthy and valued. 

Community Achievement Award: Women’s Friendship Group

The Women’s Friendship Group was founded in 2006 to assist culturally and linguistically diverse women who experienced social and cultural isolation, to meet likeminded women in friendship and harmony. Currently over three hundred women from thirty four different nationalities are part of the group. By tapping into this large and diverse membership base the group is not only playing a vital role in uniting women and providing an important social connection, it is also working for the betterment of the wider community.

Nominations for next year

If you would like information on how to nominate or enter the Civic Awards for 2019 please email  Nominations will open on 1st December.