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Am I able to order a garbage bin for my business?

If you have a business, shop or other type of commercial property in Manningham, you can choose to have either a waste service with us or with a private contractor.

With us you can order:

BinAnnual cost
Commercial Garbage Bin - 240 litre$584.00
Additional Commercial Garbage Bin - 240 litre$729.00

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Order, repair, swap or cancel your garbage bin

To manage your garbage bin, visit order, repair, swap or cancel your bins

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When is my commercial garbage bin collected?

Your red lid commercial garbage bin is emptied weekly. Find out what day your bin is collected.

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What items can and cannot be put into my garbage bin?

Your red lid commercial garbage bin is for general rubbish. Refer to residential garbage bins for a list of items. 

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How do I place my commercial garbage bin out for collection?

Commercial bins may be placed either on nature strip or in a laneway, depending on where your business is located. If you are unsure where to place your bin for collection, please contact us by phone 9840 9333 or email waste@manningham.vic.gov.au

Visit bin collection days to check how your bin should be presented.

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Where does commercial garbage go once collected?

Your rubbish collected from your garbage bin is taken to the SUEZ landfill site, in Hampton Park.

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