Manningham seeks to foster a connected, livable, healthy and equitable community.

A connected community is one that is socially inclusive.  It provides supports, enhances trust, values harmony, fosters civic engagement and empowers community members to participate in community life.

A livable community is supported by its infrastructure.  This includes, for example, housing choice, transportation, access to education, parks and recreation, health and social services, community safety and access to culture and the arts.

A healthy community is one that provides opportunities for community members to lead interactive and socially connected lives; safe, connected neighborhoods; access to affordable, healthy and sustainable foods; smoke-free environments; varied recreational activities; and which promotes healthy living.

An equitable community is supported by values of diversity, social justice, and individual empowerment - where all members are treated with fairness, respect and justice, basic needs are met and there is equal opportunity to access services and facilities.