Protected Disclosure Act Complaints

Complaints (disclosures) under the Protected Disclosure Act should be made to:

  • Council’s Protected Disclosure Co-ordinator, Jill Colson, People and Governance

For more information, read our Icon for application/pdf Protected Disclosure Procedures (200.04 KB) or contact the Protected Disclosure Coordinator on 9840 9365.

We encourage contact with the Protected Disclosure Coordinator because of the sensitive nature of these complaints.

Written complaints (disclosures) should be marked strictly confidential and mailed to:

People and Governance
Protected Disclosure Coordinator
PO Box 1,
Doncaster Vic 3108

Information Privacy Act Complaints

Complaints about Council’s handling of the personal details of an individual should be referred to the Privacy Officer. The Manningham Council website contains a copy of Council’s Information Privacy Policy.

For more information, read our privacy policy or contact the Privacy Officer on 9840 9262.

Written complaints should be marked confidential and mailed to:

Information Privacy Officer
PO Box 1,
Doncaster Vic 3108

Trade Practices Compliance Complaints

Trade Practices complaints in relation to Council’s conduct (e.g. price fixing, misuse of market power, unconscionable, misleading or deceptive conduct) should be referred to the Director of Shared Services. The Director of Shared Services can be contacted on 9840 9186.

Wrtiten complaints should be mailed to:

Director of Shared Services
PO Box 1,
Doncaster Vic 3108