Did you know that by composting your food you can cut your rubbish in half? It’s easy. It’s simple – and cheap to get started due to the exciting program: Compost Revolution.

Manningham residents are eligible to purchase one composting system per household at 60 per cent off the recommended retail price, including free home delivery. This offer is only available for Manningham residents.  

What products are available?

ProductRRPDiscounted price
Eco Polo 300 litre compost bin



Compost aerator$39.95$15.95
Worm farm$99.95$39.95
1000 worms


Bokashi bin$75.00$29.95
1 litre enzyme spray$18.00$7.20

For further information on the available products, including product dimensions, visit Compost Revolution website.

Conditions of Eligibility

  • Available to residential properties within Manningham
  • Composting system limited to one per household
  • Products subject to availability

How do I order a discounted products?

  1. Visit the Compost Revolution website 
  2. On the website complete an online tutorial and quiz
  3. Order your product

More composting products

We have other popular composting products that are not a part of the Compost Revolution program. These include:

Worm farm - includes 1000 worms and a worm blanket$80.00
Compost bin - Gedye style 220 Litre$35.00
Compost aerator$15.00
Green cone$195.00

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact Manningham Council on 9840 9333 or email the Waste Management Team at waste@manningham.vic.gov.au