Did you know that by composting your food you can cut your rubbish in half? It’s easy to get started with the Compost Revolution program.

Manningham residents are eligible to purchase one composting system per household at 60% off the recommended retail price, including free home delivery.

What products are available?

ProductRRPDiscounted price
Eco Polo 300 litre compost bin



Compost aerator$39.95$15.95
Worm farm$99.95$39.95
1000 worms


Bokashi bin$75.00$29.95
1 litre enzyme spray$18.00$7.20


Under the Compost Revolution program, composting systems are:

  • available to residential properties in Manningham
  • limited to one per household
  • subject to availability.

For more information on the products available, including product dimensions, visit the Compost Revolution website.

How do I order a discounted products?

  1. Visit the Compost Revolution website 
  2. On the website complete an online tutorial and quiz
  3. Order your product

More composting products

We have other popular composting products that are not a part of the Compost Revolution program. These products are available for purchase at the Manningham Garden Waste Centre:

Worm farm - includes worm farm kit, 1000 worms and worm blanket.

Worm farms are designed mainly for food scraps, so they are ideal for homes with small yards or no garden. They are low maintenance and a good alternative for people with limited mobility. Worm farms break down food waste quickly and produce fertiliser more quickly than a compost bin will produce compost.

For more information, please refer to the Icon for application/pdf Worm Farming Guide (392.35 KB)


Compost bin - Gedye style 220 litre

Compost bins require a mix of both food and garden waste. They are perfect for people that want to compost a larger amount of material however they do require weekly attention. Compost bins need aeration, a range of materials and moisture. They work best if placed in full sun.

For more information, please refer to the Icon for application/pdf Composting Guide (345.54 KB).

Compost aerator

Green cone

What goes in a Green Cone?
They accept all food waste including cooked food, meat, bones, bread, citrus, fruit and vegetable scraps.

How does the Green Cone work?
Green Cones use a combination of natural heat and micro-organisms to reduce food waste down to liquid. The double-walled cone creates a heat trap of circulating air to encourage bacteria growth. The base of the cone sits below the soil surface, filtering smells and keeping out flies.

Natural micro-organisms and worms migrate freely in and out of the basket at the base of the cone, breaking down the waste. Nutrient rich water enters the surrounding soil. The digestion chamber creates aerobic conditions to reduce methane production.

It must be placed in a sunny position and dug into the ground about ½ metre allowing the liquid to enter the surrounding soil.

For more information, please refer to Icon for application/pdf Green Cone Guide (255.82 KB)