Be kind to kids

Parents, family members, and other trusted adults play an important role in helping children understand the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, as well as reduce fear and anxiety around the unknown. Here are some ideas on how to help little ones during this time.


Seven things to do with your kids when you just want to have fun

  1. Take an online trip to the zoo
  2. Take up some gardening in the backyard
  3. Shake, make and create music with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  4. Visit the Sydney Biennale online
  5. Learn about science with the Melbourne Museum Fact Detective podcast
  6. Go on a teddy bear hunt
  7. Download an Audible digital book


Activities for pre-schoolers

  • Try 20 Days Of At Home Play, an online program from Playgroup Victoria that gives families different activity ideas to spend time together, relax and play.
  • Playschool presents Hello Friends!, a special episode to help explain some of the big questions around coronavirus, from staying at home to washing your hands.


Support resources for parents

Raising your kids through this pandemic can be at times, confusing and challenging. We've gathered a selection of resources to help support you and your family through COVID-19. 

Creative playing

The ABC presents has a great podcast on creative play with kids during isolation


Helping your kids through COVID-19

Working from home with kids

  • Outer East Primary Care Partnership has created a tip sheet that includes tips and ideas on how to manage working from home with kids Health tips
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Raising Children Network has information on COVID-19 and protective hygiene, plus tips to help families cope.