Be kind to others

What a time to show some neighbourly love.

Every household should maintain some much needed social contact, learn about ways we can be kind to others.


How to be kind to others

  • Smile and say hello to others
  • Check in on an elderly neighbour
  • Do a grocery shop for someone who can’t
  • Find the time to make two calls (not texts!) a day to people you love
  • Ask the person who’s serving you how their day is going (and repeat point one... smile)
  • Drop off a home-cooked meal to someone doing it tough
  • Be a good listener
  • Treat the kids to a movie night at home
  • Cook a special meal together


Ways you can support our community


Resource for people with a disability

The Information Access Group have released "Easy for Me", an online magazine written for people with a disability who are isolated at home right now. The magazine gives people ideas for keeping busy and staying connected at home. It has recipes, puzzles and activities, and a helpful guide to online apps and programs.

Easy for Me magazine