Senior couple walking in the park

A dementia-friendly community recognises that a person with dementia needs to continue to live their lives and participate in the community. This can include employment, volunteering or social activities. Manningham has committed to be a Dementia Friendly City and has implemented the Icon for application/pdf Dementia Friendly Inclusive Manningham Action Plan 2017 - 2019 (846.49 KB) to reach this goal.

Educating the wider community about dementia is an important way to help reduce the stigma and dispel some of the common myths about dementia. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing. Some of the risk factors associated with dementia can be managed through lifestyle changes or appropriate medical treatments. Many conditions have symptoms similar to dementia, so it is important not to assume that someone has dementia. Early and correct diagnosis can be helpful to ensure that the correct advice and strategies are provided to manage the condition. For further information and support contact Dementia Australia or ring National Dementia Hotline 1800 100 500

Manningham Local Dementia Alliance Group - Expressions of Interest

We made a commitment to actively involve people who have an experience of dementia and the organisations supporting them to create a dementia friendly city.

The Manningham Local Dementia Alliance Group has an important role to play in creating change in our community. Its role is to guide Manningham’s actions and initiatives to help foster change for people living with dementia.

We are seeking nominations from people keen to be involved in the group. Expressions of Interest will be accepted from Residents with a lived experience of dementia; Community organisations; Sporting clubs; Local businesses; Service clubs; Churches and Groups interested in creating a more inclusive community.

Icon for application/pdf Manningham Local Dementia Alliance Expression of Interest (28.01 KB)

Icon for application/pdf Manningham Local Dementia Alliance Terms of Reference (28.98 KB)

Expression of Interest will be accepted up until 5.00pm Wednesday 16 May 2018