If you are organising a public or private event in an outdoor public space such as a park, garden, reserve or street in Manningham, you may require approval to do so. To help determine whether your event needs Council approval or not, please read below:

Events that don’t require Council approval

If your event falls into the below category you will not require approval:

  • 1-80 attendees
  • BYO catering that does not require vehicle access into the park
  • No infrastructure (i.e. marquee, stages, jumping castles, food trucks etc.)
  • Low noise impact
  • No change to normal traffic and parking conditions

Events that require Council approval

If your event fits into any of the below categories you will be required to submit a Request to hold event on Council land form, and seek approval from Council to hold your event.

Low Impact Events

If your event has one or more of the following:

  • 81–500 attendees
  • 1-5 caterers or food vendors
  • Limited temporary infrastructure (for example: less than five marquees, additional tables and chairs)
  • Low noise impact
  • Low change to traffic and parking conditions

Minimum notice required to Council: 6 weeks

Medium Impact Events

If your event has one or more of the following:

  • 501–2500 attendees
  • 5-10 caterers or food vendors
  • Moderate temporary infrastructure (for example: stage, PA,  less than fifteen marquees, toilets)
  • Moderate noise impact
  • Moderate change to traffic conditions, road closures and parking

Minimum notice required to Council: 3 months

High Impact Events

If your event has one or more of the following:

  • 2501+ attendees
  • 15+ caterers or food vendors
  • Substantial temporary infrastructure (for example: multiple stages, PA, 15+ marquees, toilets)
  • High noise impact
  • Substantial additional traffic, multiple road closures and changes to traffic and parking conditions

Minimum notice required to Council: 6 months

High risk activities

If your event includes alcohol, amusement rides (i.e. jumping castles or inflatables), road closures or any type of pyrotechnics (i.e. fireworks or firecrackers) you must seek approval from Council.

Events on private property

If your event is on private property, at a school or on state or federal owned land you do not require a Council issued event permit. However, if your event is going to have any impact on the surrounding area in relation to traffic, noise or waste it is best to speak with Council on how best to manage these impacts.

The event permit approval process

If you are applying for an event on Council land, you will need to follow the below steps.

  1. Submit a Request to hold an event on council land form.
  2. Council will confirm receipt of your application and if your requested date and location is available, will send you a list of requirements that you must submit as part of the approval process.
  3. Register your event with State Government.
  4. You will be required to pay a bond (see below).
  5. Once you have submitted all the necessary requirements an Event Permit will be sent out outlining the conditions that your event will need to comply with.
  6. A post event site inspection may be required at the event location to ensure that the site has been reinstated to its original state.
  7. Upon the site inspection the bond will either be fully refunded or retained.


Events using Council land may be required to pay a bond – the amount ranges from $50 – $5,000 depending on the size and nature of your event. The bond is fully refundable, subject to a post site inspection determining no reinstatement is required. Bonds cover costs for damage to Council infrastructure including trees, bollards and pathways as well costs to replace gate keys or any additional charges to clean up leftover waste.

Contact us

For event enquiries contact our Business, Events and Grants team on 9840 9333 or email events@manningham.vic.gov.au  

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