Doncaster Hill

A sustainable, high density, mixed-use village that provides for high quality urban living

Located in the heart of Doncaster, Victoria
Approximately 12kms from Melbourne's Central Business District at one of the highest points in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Doncaster Hill showcases panoramic views of the Dandenongs, Kinglake and the city's skyline.

More specifically, Doncaster Hill is an activity centre for our community.
A 58 hectare area stretching along the major corridors of Doncaster Road, Williamsons Road and Tram Road.

What shapes Doncaster Hill?

With populations on the rise in Melbourne, Doncaster Hill is one of our solutions to meet the challenge of future housing needs. This modern urban village allows those of us who enjoy to live in the suburbs to continue to do so, whilst providing apartment-style living for others.

The Doncaster Hill Strategy helps guide us on the land use and development in this centre.