Eastern Freeway widening impacts

Widening the Eastern Freeway to 20 lanes will increase noise and pollution. We are advocating for the best possible outcomes in relation to noise control and visual impacts, shared paths and to protect the Koonung Creek Linear Park and overall amenity of the area. There should be no encroachment of the road beyond the freeway reservation and the Koonung Creek Trail and reserve should be protected as much as possible.

Residents who live next to the Eastern Freeway must be protected from noise and impacts to their surroundings should be minimised. High quality and aesthetically suitable noise barriers and retaining walls should be installed ahead of the widening to set new international benchmarks along adjoining roads. Replanting and landscaping should be undertaken to the highest standard for ecological and visual performance. The Eastern Freeway should remain free of all tolls on all traffic lanes including merging or express lanes.

More modelling is required to provide information on the impacts that may arise from the widening of the Eastern Freeway, as well as from tunneling operations

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