Artwork: Corymbia Pectus
Award: 2017 Merit Award Acquisition
Medium: porcelain, raku, clear glaze, crackle glaze, gold luster, pink oyster, wood, polyclay, wax, handbuilt, dimensions variable

Manningham Art Collection. Image courtesy the artist.

"Duality and duplicity, the agony and the ecstasy of reproduction and sexuality. A species may employ illusory tactics for its reproduction and survival. Unwitting suitors and would be predators see what they want to see or are tricked into seeing. However, no human is a tool for someone else’s purpose. They are not owned, exchangeable or reduced to mere flesh. Body parts are beautiful and are not things without personality or dignity. We are slowly adapting to survive the verbal and physical abuse that is the result of objectification. Will we change physically, behaviorally or physiologically? The Eucalyptus flower buds are for your viewing, but do not ever touch the Corymbia ficifolia without my permission." - Eva Glac, 2017.