Is an Electric Vehicle for me?

Image of a blue car plugged into an electric charging station and the words is an electric vehicle for me?

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Are you intrigued by electric vehicles (EVs) but not yet clear about whether owning one will be a practical choice, of benefit to your household and help you to take action against climate change?

This information session will cover all aspects of EV ownership and help you understand:

  • how an EV compares to a petrol-based car, in terms of price, running costs, travel range and longevity
  • how and where to charge an EV - and how much electricity it will take
  • the emissions and resource-use of EVs, compared to other modes of transport
  • how you might future-proof your home for an EV, by installing or increasing rooftop solar
  • what changes we might anticipate in the EV market over the coming years
  • your eligibility for rebates

All Manningham residents who attend on the night will go into the draw to win a Virtual Home Energy Assessment worth $225!

This phone assessment will be tailored to your household, helping you to plan for a cost-effective and comfortable transition away from gas. We may contact the winner to check on progress in both reducing bills and making the home more energy efficient.

To attend this event, you must have an internet enabled PC or device and be able to download Zoom. Don’t have Zoom? Download it for free. You’ll be provided with the Zoom meeting link when you book.

This free information session is brought to you by Manningham and the Australian Energy Foundation. If you're unable to make the session, you can still learn more about how to keep your home cool while saving energy on the Australian Energy Foundation website.

This event is for Manningham residents only.