Sustainable building design and tiny homes - Jesse Glascott and Elle Paton

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699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
VIC 3073

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As part of the Inspired Living Series, Jesse Glascott and Elle Paton will discuss sustainable building design and tiny homes at the Manningham Function Centre.

Jesse Glascott, is co-founder of the Sustainable Building Alliance, Director of G-Lux Builders and architect of the iconic Warrandyte Panel House. Jesse will discuss what goes into designing and building net zero sustainable homes.

Elle Paton is co-founder of the Australian Tiny House Association. Tiny homes are prefabricated, transportable dwellings that can provide off-grid, eco-friendly and low cost solutions. Elle will share her story of what its like to live in a tiny house.

Inspired Living Series - keynote speaker events

The Inspired Living Series - keynote speaker events showcases five insightful, not-to-be-missed evenings at the iconic Manningham Function Centre.

The series will introduce you to a diverse line-up of local and international keynote speakers offering unique insights on how we can all shift to a greener future.

Topics range from permaculture to sustainable fashion. Each speaker will inspire and motivate simple, positive lifestyle choices, connection to nature and growing a thriving community in the midst dynamic change.