We have many trails in Manningham for walking and cycling. Our major trails, the Mullum Mullum, Main Yarra, Koonung and EastLink Trails all connect and form a 42 kilometre off-road circuit around the western part of Manningham. Refer to the map below for distances, facilities and to show you how this circuit connects with other trails to explore further afield:

  • Main Yarra Trail to Southbank
  • EastLink Trail to Croydon and Frankston
  • Diamond Creek Trail to Diamond Creek
  • Plenty River Trail to Greensborough


If you’re keen on walking, we have created a few guides you can take with you whilst you explore Manningham:

Visit the Victoria Walks "WhyWalk" webpage


Cycling is an ideal way to exercise over a longer distance and the following bike trails in Manningham are perfect for family rides or a social ride with friends:

Remember bike paths are shared with pedestrians. Etiquette is important to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all users.

Cyclist etiquette includes slowing down and ringing your bell when approaching other path users and always keeping to the left side of the path (unless overtaking).

More resources

  • Manningham Bicycle User Group (BUG): Information about local conditions and organised rides.
  • Bicycle Network: A national organisation with general bicycle information and advice, bicycle events, programs and cycling improvements across Australia.

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