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When is my garbage bin collected?

Your red lid garbage bin is emptied weekly. Find out what day your bin is collected.

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What items can and cannot be put into my garbage bin?

Your red lid garbage bin is for general household rubbish.

Yes we collect:

Photo of household garbage in plastic bag with tickHousehold rubbish

Photo of various soft plastic packaging with tickSoft plastic packaging

Photo of food waste with tickFood waste

Photo of baby nappy with tickWrapped nappies and animal droppings

Photo of various polysterene used items with tickPolystyrene (bagged as smaller pieces)

Photo of various types of glass jars and bottles with green tickCrockery, Pyrex, glassware, window glass (wrapped) 

No we don't collect:

Photo of leaves twigs and branches with crossNo garden waste

Photo of milk cartons, newspapers and egg cartons with crossNo recyclables, paper or cardboard

Photo of medical syringes with crossNo syringes or medical waste

Photo of various used chemical containers hazardous waste with crossNo chemicals or hazardous waste

Photo of various used containers of motor oil, fluids, paint and solventsNo motor oil, fluids, paints or solvents

Photo of various bricks, concrete slabs and wood with crossNo building material, bricks, steel or wood

Can't find your item?

Find out how to dispose of your unwanted items

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How do I place my garbage bin out for collection?

Visit bin collection days. 

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Where does my garbage go once collected?

Your rubbish collected from your garbage bin is taken to the Cleanaway transfer station, in Lysterfield.

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Order, repair, swap or cancel your garbage bin

To manage your garbage bin, visit order, repair, swap or cancel your bins

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