What is Generation 2030?

Every generation has diverse experiences, new outlooks on the world and different dreams for the future. Generation 2030 is about connecting, listening and generating ideas to shape Manningham’s future.

Generation 2030 aims to tap into the collective wisdom of all generations across the community to find out what your vision is for Manningham in 2030.

What have we done so far?

Over the past couple of months you may have seen the Generation 2030 Team at events such as the Tunstall Square Traders Festival, Warrandyte Festival, Know Your Neighbour Day and the Templestowe Village Festival.

You may have picked up a Generation 2030 postcard from your local shops or completed the Generation 2030 survey in Manningham Matters or online at generation2030.com.au.

Generation 2030 has been everywhere and the positive response from the community has been extraordinary. We’ve been collecting your wishes on what you want Manningham to look like, feel like and be like in 2030.

The information you’ve provided us to date has been invaluable.

You can still get involved...

In the coming months, the Generation 2030 Team will be holding a series of targeted community conversations. This is a collaborative process between Council and the community exploring key themes and priorities about your neighbourhood, town and city. This will assist with the development of the Community Plan.

Opportunities on how you can get involved, including details of upcoming events and community conversations will be available at Generation2030.

What will happen to the information?

All the information Council gathers from Generation 2030 will help form a 20 year community plan for Manningham.

The Community Plan will drive Council policies, assist with prioritising resources and identify innovative and exciting ways of working together to achieve the plan. It will also highlight which partnerships with local neighbourhoods, community organisations and Government will be necessary to achieve the vision for 2030 together.

This is an important and exciting opportunity for you to shape your community. Get ready for Generation 2030!

Generation 2030 Chart